We’re all doomed.


Although we might not be.


A virus has come,

to send us all mad.


People are dying,

and that’s very sad.

Of course I am worried,

for the health of my kids.


It’s important to have balance,

the world might not end yet.

As long as we’re careful,

and do what we’re told.


By that I mean by experts,

those in the know.

Not some numpty on Facebook,

or a bloke down the Pub.


We’ve got to do weird stuff,

to keep us alive.

Like washing our hands,

and not picking our nose.


Panic buying,

is now underway.

I’ve succumbed myself,

I’m sorry to say.


Went out this morning,

bought eight bags of crisps.

four cinnamon swirls,

and one hundred pork pies.


I did buy some loo roll,

the last one they had.

Wrestled it from an old lady,

who picked it up first.


Home now self isolating,

which for me isn’t hard.

I’ve never had trouble,

spending all day on the couch.


In the days ahead,

I hope you stay well.

If you do become ill,

then let’s pray it does pass.


I’m sure that you won’t,

but if you find that you do.

If you need me at all,

I’ll be working from home.


Hopefully the only thing you’ll share is this poem, not Coronavirus.

Stay well…❤️

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