Lockdown (UK)…

Lockdown (UK)…

It’s a lockdown situation,

here in the UK.

Some similarities,

with the rest of the world.


But how we apply it,

is a site to behold.

Social distancing,

means stand in a crowd.


Our essential travel,

means a day at the beach.

We go sensible shopping,

for a thousand loo rolls.


People seem unable (unwilling),

to do as they’re told.

The consequence of actions,

ignored or not known.


I hope that we change,

while we still can.

That lessons are learned,

before it’s too late.


Before it’s too late.


2 thoughts on “Lockdown (UK)…

  1. It’s interesting–and scary–how some people keep acting like what’s happening isn’t happening. In the States, TheRUMP crowd, sucking at the teat of Fox Noise, just keeps gathering en masse at churches and restaurants (in the right-leaning states where such things are still operating). Then they travel to other places and infect more people. And they defend the president for not providing testing, masks, ventilators, and all else that is needed. Stay strong. Stay well.

    1. Same to you. Difficult times not being helped by the behaviour of more than a few. Thanks, as always, for reading.

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