If cabin fever kicking in? Are relationships becoming strained?

Seeking to understand and then looking for opportunities to adapt and connect could be beneficial.

I’ve shared the image before, it’s not mine. The poem is though so please read and share.


The world’s going to end,

we’re all going to die.

I’ve been watching the news,

it sure makes my cry.


It’s all a big hoax,

masking the danger of 5G.

Profits before people,

fooled you but not me.


I’m sure we’ll be fine,

if we all just stay in.

Do the right things,

It won’t be that grim.


Well isn’t this fun,

a party in the bedroom.

Our friends have all joined us,

through the magic of Zoom.


Some different perspectives,

that can cause us pain.

It’s important to remember,

we’re not all the same.


So listen without judgement,

don’t dismiss other views,

it’s a time for compassion,

to walk in their shoes.


One thought on “Perspectives…

  1. This is an exercise in understanding that we’ve all been sent to our rooms to think about what we’ve done – to the earth, the world, to each other, in our privilege & entitlement.

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