I’m Scared…

I wasn’t sure about posting this one. It was actually written a week or so ago. Although it’s obviously drawn from personal experiences, feelings and emotions I would say it’s more of a semi autobiographical piece.


I’m Scared…


I’m scared all the time,

living a life full of fear.

This virus attacks the body,

but it can also poison the mind.


My days are spent waiting,

for things to turn horribly wrong.

At night my dreams show me,

the pain of what is to come.


I had some problems before,

took medicine to help me escape.

This time there’s just nothing,

but darkness taking ahold.


It’s hard for me to admit this,

but all I can do is survive.

The guilt will be along later,

I should be better than this.


These words are self indulgent,

but perhaps you feel it too.

Maybe by sharing my fears,

you see you’re not all alone.


2 thoughts on “I’m Scared…

  1. “It’s hard for me to admit this, but all I can do is survive.”

    I believe this, in reality, is all we can ever actually do. It just gets disguised in “normal” times, and I think everyone everywhere is struggling to come to terms with a truth that has been laid so bare. Hang in there. Stay well.

    1. Thanks. I think this line was written (sometimes I only think I know where my words come from) as a reminder that sometimes it can be difficult to be continuously exposed to all those doing amazing/wonderful things during this crisis. Of course we shouldn’t stop telling those stories but for those just ‘surviving’ they can cause guilt and further distress. It’s a balance…

      Stay well.

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