My Wheelie Bin…

My Wheelie Bin…

To some it’s just a bin on wheels,

or a mobile trash can perhaps.

But the one at the end of our garden path,

is oh so much more than that.

Not the recycling bin obviously,

she’s too busy saving the earth.

I’m writing here about Brian,

the name of our ordinary waste bin.

Brian’s a pillar of the community,

respected and really well liked.

He’s a genuine bin of the people,

talks a lot less rubbish than me.


Chair of our neighbourhood watch,

captain of the pub quiz team.

He wheeled a marathon last year,

to raise money for disadvantaged bins.


We consider him one of the family,

our surname painted on his lid.

It’s important to us to make sure,

Brian is always well fed.


So we give him our pizza crusts,

the last few beans on our plates.

After the weekly roast dinner,

he shares leftover bones with the dog.


If you’re ever over our way,

come say hello to our friendly dustbin.

Feel free to deposit your litter,

but please not your garden waste.


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