Tomorrow I’ll walk in the sun,

take a moment to sit,

breath the day in.


Enjoy the beauty,

that nature provides.


I’ll be grateful for life,

and all that it brings.


Thankful for you,

the love that we share.


For the gift of our children,

their laughter and joy.


I’ll plan the next day,

and the one after that.


Then I’ll remember,

the inescapable truth.


That tomorrow,

for us all,

is not guaranteed.


Carpe diem.


Seize the day.


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow…

  1. It does keep hitting us anew like that, doesn’t it? The plans we made, now undone, and the uncertainty ahead. Still, today the sun is shining. Carpe diem, indeed. Stay well.

    1. Same to you. I’m in the North of England and the sun is even shining here. A day worth seizing.

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