A Sunny Day in the United Kingdom…


The sun is out,

it may not last.



It will not last.


We need to make the most of it!

Let’s go to the shops.

Buy all their meat,

have a barbecue.


Don’t forget the booze,

make sure there’s enough.

There’ll be two of us drinking,

we don’t want to run out


Six hundred cans of lager,

a case of premium cider.

Fourteen bottles of wine,

some whiskey and tequila.


Get the kids some crisps,

a can of Coke to share.

Buy them a colouring book,

so they don’t get in our way.


We’ll drink and eat until sundown,

then eat and drink some more.

There’ll be a row with the neighbours,

who think we’re being too loud.


Eventually we’ll go to bed,

the garden will look like a bomb site.

We’ll clear it up in the morning,

where the forecast is for heavy rain.


3 thoughts on “A Sunny Day in the United Kingdom…

  1. This one made me laugh out loud. Too true. And when you’re done with that sun, can you ship some westward across the pond? We have had a LOT of gray days since October.

    1. We’ve done well for Northern England of late. It’s certainly made things easier. Today might be our last for a while though, it’s definitely getting colder.

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